CCW-Certified Agents in Palm Desert, CA

At Patino Protective Services in Palm Desert, CA, our number one priority is making sure our armed security guard services agents are as qualified as possible to help keep our clients safe, which is why we employ CCW-certified agents.

As the sole security agency in our region with security guards who hold a concealed carry license, we are confident that our team is prepared to keep you secure and protected in a discreet manner.

To receive their CCW license, our agents must have strong moral character, go through rigorous background checks, complete a firearms safety course, and meet relevant residency requirements in accordance with California state law.

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About Our Agents

We’re proud to hire highly qualified CCW-licensed armed security guards and security professionals. As you can imagine, we put a lot of time and effort into hiring the right agents for our team.

In the industry of armed security services, your services are only as good as the individuals you hire. When someone becomes an armed security guard, they take the lives and safety of others into their own hands. This is extremely rewarding for the right person, but it’s also a responsibility that our team doesn’t take lightly.

Since our agents have concealed carry licenses, they hold themselves to an even higher standard of responsibility than your average security staff.

While this license gives them the opportunity to keep our customers safe in even the most dire and dangerous circumstances, it also gives them a greater sense of duty to serve with a solid head on their shoulders and collected demeanor.When you entrust our agents with your safety or the safety of your customers as a business, we make sure that we are on the lookout for threats to security while maintaining a high level of professionalism and integrity.

We want to ensure that you and those around you feel completely protected and secure when our agents are around. No matter how large or small your security needs, our agents will work with you to identify potential security concerns and create a plan to tackle them before they become a problem.

While we always hope that our team will not need to use force as a security measure, we know the peace of mind that agents with a CCW license bring to your security concerns.

For more information about our armed security service, call our office today.

David P

David Patino, LAIC

BSIS #1493217

CFO of PPS, Retired Law Enforcement (1999), Past President of F.O.P. (California), Professional Threat Assessment Specialist since 2000. CCW certified.

Edward Rivera 200x300

Edward Rivera, LAIC

BSIS #1366506/2619839

Honorably retired from the USMC (1999), member of elite reconnaissance unit receiving specialized weapons training. FQ certified. CCW certified.

Leroy Wilson 200x300

Leroy Wilson, LAIC

BSIS #6299673/2646075

LA School District 1975-2012. Specialist in conflict resolution and gang violence ASAIC. CCW certified.

Dan Devinny

Dan Devinny, AIC

BSIS #6302187/2628704

Over 28 years of law enforcement experience as a retired deputy sheriff. FQ certified, exposed weapon certified and CCW certificate.

Brad Klein

George Suarez, AIC

BSIS #1584551/2632943

Member of the PPS staff since 2021. Firearms and CCW qualified. Over 10 years of security experience in armed and executive protection.

Andy Yohan agents

Andy Yonan, AIC

BSIS #6484015/2673072

Former US Marine (1971). Member of the PPS staff since 2021. Over 25 years of security experience. FQ and CCW qualified.

Krista Care

Krista Carey, AIC

BSIS #11583250/2668898

New member of the PPS Security Staff with over 15 years of security experience. CCW qualified.

Myelz Mendoza

Myelz Mendoza, AIC

BSIS #2671457/6441981

Former US Marine with 5 years of expeience. 3 years of armed security experience. Team member since 2021, CCW qualified.

Bonnie Rice

Bonnie Rice, AIC

BSIS #6453905/2648041

Former correctional officer. 15 years of security experience. FQ certified. Exposed weapon certified. CCW certified.

Isidro Medina

Isidro Medina, AIC

BSIS #979299/226370

Former Public Safety Security Manager. Over 28 years of security and loss prevention experience.

Lequan Steward

Lequan Steward, AIC

BSIS #1843524/366318

Two year member of the security staff. 10 years of armed security experience.

Crestina Lopez

Crestina Lopez

BSI S#1628771/355819/2573

BA degree in Criminal Justice, 15 years of security experience, BSIS Security and Firearms Instructor.

Robert Stalling

Robert Stalling, AIC

BSIS #1800376/2631063

A security professional with over 20 years of experience. A great addition to the PPS team.

Brandon Patino

Brandon Patino, AIC

BSIS #6432576/2647785

8 years of security experience. FQ certified. Exposed weapon certified and CCW qualified.

Lorenzo Rodriguez

Lorenzo Rodriguez

BSIS #6666215

Over 20 years of experience with The California Department of Corrections. Bi-lingual, logistics specialist. Valued member of the team. CCW qualified.

Brad Klein

Brad Klein, AIC

BSIS #1705223/324937

Logistics specialist. 12 years of armed security experience. Valuable member of the PPS staff since 2021. CCW Certified.

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