Erenia Rivera 200x300

Erin Rivera, AIC

BSIS# 6527154

Valuable member of PPS staff with over 14 years of experience. Bi-lingual. Recently promoted from CRISP staff.

Travis Singh

Travis Singh, AIC

BSIS# 1888828

Valued member of the PPS staff with over 14 years of experience.

Rod Copeland

Rod Copeland, AIC

BSIS# 6434698/2668876

Lifelong resident of The Coachella Valley. Valued and spirted member of the PPS force with over 6 years of experience.

Robert Stalling

Robert Stalling, AIC

BSIS# 1800376/2631063

A security professional with over 20 years of experience. A great addition to the PPS team.

Crestina Lopez

Crestina Lopez

BSIS# 1628771/355819/2573

BA degree in Criminal Justice, 15 years of security experience, BSIS Security and Firearms Instructor.

Dictavis Crawford

Dictavis Crawford

BSIS# 6559508

Valued member of the PPS staff with 10 years of security experience

Brad Klein

Brad Klein, AIC

BSIS# 1705223/324937

Logistics specialist. 12 years of armed security experience. Valuable member of the PPS staff since 2021

Lequan Steward

Lequan Steward, AIC

BSIS# 1843524/366318

Two year member of the security staff. 10 years of armed security experience.

Isidro Medina

Isidro Medina, AIC

BSIS# 979299/226370

Former Public Safety Security Manager. Over 28 years of security and loss prevention experience.

Nick Domingue

Nick Domingue, AIC

New member to the PPS team. Experience working with CalFire as an EMT and over 23 years as correctional peace officer.

Anna Bryan

Anna Bryan

BSIS# 6733678

New member to the PPS team. Served the Coachella Valley in many capacities, she is a great addition to the team.

Paul Kemp

Paul Kemp

BSIS# 6729768

Recently retired from the City of Indio ensure safety and security of the water treatment plant. Currently part of the security team for Garden Fellowship in Palm Desert. A welcome addition to the PPS team.

Angel Barraras

Angel Barraras

BSIS# 6729769

Long time resident of the Coachella Valley. First year member to the PPS team

Anthony Larin

Anthony Larin

BSIS# 6720907

New member to the PPS team. Well liked and eager to learn. Bi-lingual.

Jeffrey Somers

Jeffrey Somers

Comes to the PPS team with over 30 expierence in the Housing market, currenty providing church secuity. PPS welcome him to the team.

Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson

Patrick Aslanyan

Patrick Aslanyan

Joseph Reyes

Joseph Reyes

BSIS# 1646133

New member to the PPS team. He comes to us with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and over 12 years working for the Federal Government

George Zendejas

George Zendejas, AIC

BSIS# 6285657

Valuable member of the staff since 2005. Bi-lingual. Emergency Operations & Safety Teams member since 1996



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We believe that our strong corporate foundation goes beyond the physical structure and extends to the service, attention and detail that each project is given. We provide our clients with superior levels of customer satisfaction and take pride in all of our projects. In today’s ever evolving security environment credibility and integrity are among all parties an essential part to the business relationship building process. This is why Patino Protective Services is committed to continuously cultivate and maintain client relationships grounded on experience, good judgment and integrity.

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