Closer Look at Our Security Guard & Event Security Services

Patino Protective Services in Palm Desert provides proven and professional bodyguard and security guard services. We protect our clients and their properties with Southern California’s best and most professional protective services.

We hire experienced ex-military and ex-police officers who have exceptional skills that help to ensure they are capable of providing first-rate security guards and bodyguards. All of our guards are fully licensed and highly experienced to ensure that you get the best possible protective services for as long as you need them.

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Difference Between Event Security Guard and Bodyguard Services

Our event security guard services help to protect properties and people at events. We can help with safe crowd control while helping to protect your property and event along with your guests.

If you are attending an event or need bodyguard protection, we can provide you with that, too. Our security guards protect property and events while our bodyguards protect specific individuals against harm.

Our event security company can also can provide you with armed guards who are highly trained in the use of firearms. Each of our guards has either prior military or police training and experience, which helps to ensure our professional guards are highly proficient in using firearms and handling tense situations.

Uniformed and Plainclothes Protective Services

There are times when the mere sight of a uniformed security guard is enough to thwart criminals. A uniformed security guard helps send the message that your property or event is not an easy target. But there are times when you might benefit more from plainclothes protection.

A plainclothes bodyguard often is preferable to a uniformed guard when you are attending a special event or otherwise out in public. A plainclothes security guard can help lessen potential anxiety among guests at your event or property.

We can help you with uniformed or plainclothes protective services. We also can provide a blend of both that helps to ensure safety without creating concern among other people.

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Patino Protective Services has more than 40 years of experience helping to protect Southern California residents and their properties. Whether you seek uniformed or plainclothes bodyguard or security guard services in or near Palm Desert, CA and the following areas: Indio, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells. We have the professional experience to deliver first-rate protective services.

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